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About Connie

Connie de Veer is a well-respected and popular full professor of acting.

Connie is twice nominated for Outstanding University Teacher by the School of Theatre and Dance at Illinois State University, which has fed the Chicago and beyond theatre, film, and television scenes for decades.

Her former students include LaRoyce Hawkins (Chicago PD), Todd Stashwick (The Riches, 12 Monkeys), Cecilia Suarez (Capodocia), playwright Rob Caisley and many more. Connie’s dedication to her students is largely responsible for the birth of her book, co-authored with Jan Elfline: Actor for Life: How to Have an Amazing Career Without All the Drama, which includes interviews with ISU alumni Jeff Perry, Gary Cole, Sean Hayes, and more.

Connie lives in Bloomington, Illinois with her husband Mark. They visit their daughter Gwen in Chicago as often as possible. When not teaching, writing, acting or directing, Connie can be found practicing yoga, biking with Mark, dog wrangling Buster and Sophie, or tending the garden.

It was because of Connie's ability to connect with actors on an artistic and personal level that gave me all the tools I needed to succeed in this business.

Sean Hayes

Will & Grace


Connie works with students from the inside out. My experience with her ranges from learning how to warm up my voice without damage, to how to free my soul without fear.

Melisa Pereyra, MFA
American Players Theatre

Connie is an instructor whose work in the classroom has long set a standard for my own work. Her teaching is exemplary. Her classroom is always filled with the energy of positive creativity and students who feel both challenged and supported. Students trust her and are inspired by her. Connie is a fine professional artist and educator with a true generosity of spirit.

Deb Alley, Chair
School of Theatre and Dance
Texas State University

Connie’s nurturing, positive attitude, thirst for knowledge, and passion for her craft contribute to making her one of the most inspirational instructors with whom I have had the honor to study.

Kate McDermott, MFA

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