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How to Craft Your Perfect Career (Hint: It Doesn’t Have to Involve Stardom)

by Connie de Veer | January 24, 2019

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Refreshing Perspectives on the Actor’s Side-Gig and Much More, by L.A.-based Actor Shannon Lee Avnsoe

by Connie de Veer | July 17, 2018

Shannon Lee Avnsoe (Multiple TV co-star, CBS, SHOWTIME, PBS), and I discuss yet another way to have an amazing career without all the drama. Give a listen to the podcast: Shannon Lee Avnsoe  …

Actors Living and Working with Anxiety Disorders

by Connie de Veer | May 24, 2018

Although it sounds surprising to non-actors, anxiety disorders are not uncommon among actors. Our business makes demands on us unlike just about every other career. How many other jobs require one to be utterly open,…

4 Crucial Steps to Audition Day Preparedness – Backstage.com, April 6, 2018

by Connie de Veer | March 24, 2018

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Meditation for the Spacey, Restless, and Easily Distracted – Part 2

by Connie de Veer | March 22, 2018

While all careers have their stresses, I would argue that acting holds stresses of a particularly personal nature. Actors’ bodies, voices, minds, and souls are the tools of their trade. The most personal, essential parts…

In Celebration of Actors

by Connie de Veer | March 5, 2018

In Celebration of Actors Never doubt yourself, dear actors. Never doubt your worth, or your value, or your power. Always remember who you are and what you bring to the world. Actors have what the world needs. Actors…

Thoughts That Motivate

by Connie de Veer | February 14, 2018

Any goal, whether it’s booking an important gig, writing a web series, or getting an agent, can be either fueled or stalled by our steady diet of thought. Every actor knows this routine. The first glimmer…

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